Does Travel Make People More Empathetic?

Blundstone boots on a beach in Scotland.

We sat nervously in the back of a pickup truck on our way to an elephant sanctuary outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The truck had stopped 3 times to pick up other couples, most on their honeymoons, to venture out into the jungle on the edge of the city. One, two, three couples were picked…

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I’ve Been Lying to You About Life as a Blogger

Me at Sketch in London.

I’ve been lying to you. I’ve been living under the illusion that I have to be a certain way as a blogger, that I need to fit a formula. Travel bloggers own floppy hats, I thought. They wear flouncy, floral dresses and talk about how amazing things are all the time. All the while, they…

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What I Have Learned Coming Home After Months Abroad

Me standing in front of the royal palace in Mafra

Coming Home Is Amazing… In October of 2018, we dropped off the last of our charity donations, packed up personal items in our Golf, and left Kingston Ontario. A couple of days later we flew to Thailand as brand new digital nomads. Since then, our travels have taken us to China, Costa Rica, Panama, and…

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Meet Scotland’s Castle Trail

View of Dunnottar castle on the Castle Trail.

Prepare Yourself for Some Magic If you love castles, rainy days, stunning scenery, old things, and wearing wellies, meet Scotland’s Castle Trail. Also, email me because I think we just became best friends. Scotland’s Castle Trail is a collection of over 300 castles located in Aberdeenshire, on the East Coast of Scotland. Naturally, this stunning…

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The Essential Edinburgh Guide

Victoria Street shops and restaurants in Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh. The city that captured my heart before I even visited it. I have had a years-long love affair with this stunning Scottish city. Maybe it’s my family heritage, maybe it’s the warm people, maybe it’s the excess of Harris Tweed and fried food, but there is something about Edinburgh that keeps drawing me back.…

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How to Fight Homesickness As A Digital Nomad

Portrait of the hesitant adventurer in Costa Rica.

Let’s Talk Homesickness as a Digital Nomad It’s been about 7 months since Max and I left our house in Canada behind, donated the last of our household items, and set off as official digital nomads. Travelling full time is amazing and full of incredible experiences, anxiety threshold testing moments, learning opportunities and more. While…

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How NOT To Drive Through Tuscany

View of Siena from the Tower of Mangia

Vineyards, vistas, and pasta. If I say the words “Tuscan Roadtrip” your mind likely floods with images of rolling sun-bathed hills, welcoming vineyards, weathered stone buildings, generous portions of fresh pasta, and long dreamy rows of Cyprus trees. Tuscany is all that and more. It’s with good reason that this destination draws global adoration and…

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How to Unlock Your Inner Adventurer

The Hesitant Adventurer at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Thailand.

“Adventurers are not always fearless. They just don’t run from fear.” – Torre Deroche Love With a Chance of Drowning Your Brave Alter-Ego Is In There, Trust Me When it comes to struggling with anxiety there is no quick fix and no one solution that will work for everyone. What I am going to share…

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My Weekend Yoga Retreat at Rio Chirripó Lodge

Tree pose on the rocks of Rio Chirripo river.

Most things worth seeing in Costa Rica are nestled at the top of a winding mountain road. Natural wonders and relaxing escapes are always calling you to pack up the car and make the slow and steady climb into one of the many green mountains of Costa Rica. Your reward for your efforts? Replacing the…

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My Family Roadtrip to Cape Cod

Cape Cod Blog Post Featured Image

The Perfect East Coast Getaway Cape Cod was one of those places that always felt familiar, even though I had never been there. My mom, uncle, and my grandparents made family trips there when my mom was little and always spoke so fondly about their time there. I even had a Cape Cod t-shirt when…

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