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5 London Bakeries That Are Too Cute to Miss

My Absolute Favourite London Bakeries

When I think London I think of my family heritage, literary greats, beautiful architecture, AND amazing London bakeries (of course)! Being on the low sugar bandwagon lately, I have been making an effort to reserve bakery binges and evenings spent devouring entire sleeves of digestives for my trips to London. At least then I can…

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London Neighbourhoods I’m Head Over Heels For

Little Venice, London.

London is one of those cities that keeps calling me back. I have been 3 times now and just booked my 4th. The city feels new and exciting with every visit. There is a seemingly never-ending list of places to see, things to do, places to shop, and, of course, things to eat. When a…

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Indulgent London Tea Spots Worth Every Penny

Afternoon tea at Sketch London.

Treat Yourself Holidays are for treating yourself and there is no better city to give your credit card a workout than London. In the spirit of my London trip being a true holiday, not a working trip, and it being my mom’s first time overseas, we pulled out all the stops and treated ourselves on…

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3 London Markets You Have to Visit

Eating risotto in Borough Market.

London is a city chock full of, well, everything! From shopping, to food, historical sites, all things royal, London truly has something for everyone. Though this was my third visit to London, markets were something I hadn’t really explored on previous trips. I was excited on my most recent visit to have three markets on…

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