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Taking in the sights in London, England.

Essentials for Stress Relief That Fit in Your Carry-On

Traveling with anxiety isn't always easy. There are challenges and unknowns around every corner, stress and new situations that put your nerves to the test. To top it all off, if you're like me, you are living out of a small carry on bag. Sounds like a recipe for a miserable trip doesn’t it?

Traveling out of a carry on bag doesn't have to mean living without the comforts of home. I want to share the little things I bring with me to reduce stress and make traveling more comfortable and zen. Here are a few of my anxiety packing essentials.

Saje Essential Oils Pocket Farmacy


Scents are so powerful. They have the ability to transport us, energize, and relax us. Familiar and comforting scents are a must for me when i’m traveling. This compact essential oil kit from Saje is a life saver! It’s always in my purse when we are back in Canada, and when traveling it always makes it into my carry on.


Each of the five roll on oils can be used to treat different ailments. From headaches, digestive issues, to stress, the oils are perfectly blended to soothe and comfort.


Tip: Using the dropper end of the bottle, add a small amount of stress relief oil to your body lotion and apply before bed. It’s a great way to soothe your skin and add some deeper relaxation to your bedtime routine.

Stress relief in a tiny package. Meet the Pokcet Farmacy from Sage Wellness.

Lululemon Wunder Unders


We all have that favourite pair of black leggings. Mine are Lululemon Wunder Unders. They are simple, comfortable, compact, and fit like a glove. It may sound simple, but packing your favourite leggings is a way to bring some comfort and coziness along with you wherever you go.


I love a snug pair of leggings and find fitted clothes are like wearing a hug all day. Not bad right? It also means I have comfortable gear for daily yoga and meditation...also running through the airport on occasion. 


Tip: Wear them to dinner. I’m not joking. Because these leggings are basic, you can dress them up and sneak them into a restaurant. When you're limited for space it’s essential to pack items that are versatile. So, try dressing up your yoga pants with a dress or tunic over top and some cute ankle boots. Your secret is safe with me!

IKEA Ergonomic Pillow


I know. I know. This one may be a little over the top for some, but I have started bringing my pillow with me on these long haul trips. When gone for months at a time I feel like I can justify the added space needed for my pillow.


Getting a good night’s sleep is a must for me and you know never know what the “pillow situation” at the AirBnb is going to be. Bringing my own with me helps set me on the right path for a good night’s sleep.


Tip: Use a space bag to shrink the footprint of your pillow in your carry on bag. I use these vacuum bags from Amazon.

My Favourite Tea

I love experiencing local products, food, and drinks when I am travelling and do my best to immerse myself in new and exciting experiences. Once in a while, however, I am guilty of just wanting a nice, familiar, cup of tea.


If you know me well, you’ll know that I almost never leave the house without a Twinnings Earl grey tea bag. Don’t ask me why. There is almost always one in my purse. Travel is no exception. I stuff a few of these into my carry on so I have them wherever I go.


Typically, I prefer loose leaf tea, but I hesitate to bring mysterious looking plant matter through airport security. Anxiety inducing for sure, so I play it safe will good old tea bags.


Tip: Full disclosure I have yet to try this, but I have heard that adding your leftover tea bags to your bath creates an amazing antioxidant bath time treat. I will have to try this on my next trip!

Nothing like a cup of tea to de-stress and re-center.

Meditation App


This last one is perfect for travel. I don’t think you can get more carry on friendly than this!


The Headspace app is absolutely awesome. I used for a while, switched between a few others, and eventually found my way back to it. I have tried a few I find it’s the best one for me.


I try and meditate once a day or as needed if I am feeling drained or stressed. I also meditate without the app occasionally, particularly if I am in a stressful situation or just need a moment of mindfulness.


Tip: I set a calendar reminder in my iPhone for the same time every night, right around bedtime. Do I always honour the reminder? No. Do I sometimes ignore it and watch 2 more episodes of the Crown? Yes. but at least the reminder is there. Try it and see if it increases the amount of times you meditate per week.

Logging into the Headspace app for some stree relief and mindfulness.

That Routine Life

I find keeping routines really helpful when i'm traveling for long periods of time. Not only do these routines benefit my physical and mental health, but they keep me grounded and make me feel calm, even when facing new situations.


Self care has become a huge part of my life, and it's even more important to keep a focus on this when you're traveling and burning the candle at both ends.


How do you keep your routine and focus when travelling? I would love to hear what tips and tricks you have for me. Reach out to me on Instagram and let me know!