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Simple Meditation Walk You Need to Try

The Simple Walking Meditation You Have To Try

If you've been following the blog from the beginning, you know I've already written a few posts about guided meditation, meditation apps, and mindfulness over the past few months. In this post, I am continuing to share the winding, unpaved road that is my mindfulness journey.

There is one meditation that really changed how I see mindfulness on the most basic level. This incredibly simple, but profoundly powerful meditation was taught to me by the amazing Rim, from Energy Om Moi.

Here's how she taught me the most simple/incredible meditation walk.

Rim of Energy Om Moi.

I met Rim in Switzerland while staying at a co-living space in the Swiss Alps, Swiss Escape. This trip was really the start of my nomad journey. We were renting our house, selling our possessions, and going back to Canada following the trip to settle our affairs and begin being 100% nomadic.

Equal parts excited, drained, and terrified, I really needed that month in the mountains to figure some things out and think about, well, everything.

I couldn't have met Rim at a better time. She was warm, had the most contagious loving energy, and generously offered to guide yoga classes for the house guests during her time in the chalet.

I spent most of that month in a complete state of anxiety overload, dealing with work adjustments, life changes, and nomad realities for the first time. Even making time and working up the mental energy to join in for a yoga class felt like, no pun intended, a massive mountain placed in front of me.

Something in me felt raw and fragile.

"Find a setting where mindful observation can reveal moments of beauty to you."

Walking in the Swiss Alps.
Walking in the Swiss Alps.

How It Works

You have probably done this meditation 1000 times without realizing it.

The idea is simple.

At the start of our first class, we were asked to walk through the Swiss village in which we were living to the edge of town where the yoga class was to take place, in a field, shadowed by green mountains.

The instructions were as follows:

Walk there together in silence, complete silence. While you're walking looking around you. Pay attention to the sounds, the sights, the smells. Quietly observe all that surrounds you. Breathe it in. Feel gratitude for the ability to experience this simple moment. Don't speak a word for the entirety of the walk. Simply, silently observe your surroundings.

Simple right?

Simple, but powerful. Maybe it was my fragile state, stressed, and on edge, but I felt so calm, happy, and focused on the moment through this simple act of observation and appreciation.

Hiking in the Swiss Alps at Lac Moiry.
The mountains of Grimentz, Switzerland.

Perfect for Nomads

This meditation is amazing for anyone, anytime. Whether it's a walk through your home town, walking the dog, or just strolling to work. Try to walk there in silence (aka, no music, no podcasts, no phone calls). Try and find moments of beauty, gratitude around you and soak them in. Take note of how you feel when you get to your destination.

I think this walking meditation is perfect for travellers and nomads, especially. Take time in a new place to look around and soak in every detail. Taking moments to express gratitude for what you are seeing and hearing around you.

As nomads, we so often find ourselves in completely new environments with new sounds, sights, and smells. Try and mindfully explore the streets during your next trip. Silently and mindfully walk through the busy streets of Berlin, the winding stairs and alleys of Lisbon, or the jam-packed streets of London.

Better yet, find a way to get out into the natural environment of the place you are living. Visit a mountain top temple in Thailand or a shaded park in Amsterdam. Find a setting where mindful observation can reveal moments of beauty to you.

Whether it's a person, a moment, a sound, a feeling. Just be open to seeing something you didn't even know was there.

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