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On the banks of Lake Ontario, Prince Edward County.

Stop Waiting for Perfection

This past week I spent a day in Prince Edward County with some good friends, Melissa Eapen of Adventure Deficit Disorder and Maggie Zatterberg of The Waiting Stories. We started chatting blogs while driving to lunch and I explained all of the things that had to happen before my blog could launch.


The list was long.


Custom development needed to be done to get the site just perfect, a professional photoshoot had to be completed, more content written, and a better “blog strategy” outlined all before my first post could see the light of day. The stage had to be perfectly set, with every detail in place. No action without perfection. Normal right?


As I outlined the laundry list of tasks I was waiting to complete Melissa said something simple, but that I really needed to hear, “Just do it. Just put it out there. Don’t wait” she said.


In that moment I realized that this list of things I “must” do didn’t really need to happen at all, at least not right now, and maybe not ever. I had created barricades between myself and my goal that were completely unnecessary. I had to stop waiting for perfection, put it out there, and move forward.


A simple, yet terrifying concept.


The more I thought about this conversation, the more I realized launching my new blog is a tiny example of a larger pattern of behaviour, and a long list of things that can’t happen until the stage is set just right.


I can’t buy that swimsuit until I’ve reached my perfect weight.

I can’t have that photoshoot done until my hair is the perfect length.

I can’t take on that work project until I know everything there is to know on that topic.

I can’t launch my blog until the website is absolutely perfect.


We are all guilty of doing this. Some of us more than others.


The thought of publishing the blog before completing steps 10-85 seemed reckless, scattered, irresponsible. Even in the car as I mulled over the idea in my head, I could feel myself coming up with a million reasons not to. “But I need x number of posts written pre-launch. But what if it’s not good enough? What if people hate it?” were just some of the worries and anxieties that came to mind.


Since The Hesitant Adventurer centers around anxiety and how to manage it, it seemed fitting to make this my first post.


So, here goes!


The next posts on the blog will be travel content from my most recent trip to London. Bakeries, sites, fave neighbourhoods and more are all in the works. I hope you’ll follow along with me as I write and share my travels with you.