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I’ve Been Lying to You About Life as a Blogger

Me at Sketch in London.

I’ve been lying to you. I’ve been living under the illusion that I have to be a certain way as a blogger, that I need to fit a formula. Travel bloggers own floppy hats, I thought. They wear flouncy, floral dresses and talk about how amazing things are all the time. All the while, they…

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Find Your Fearless Sidekick

Find Your Fearless Sidekick.

I’m the kind of person who has always followed signs. I’m not talking about signs from the Universe. I’m talking about literal, physical signage. “Do Not Cross”, “Private”, “Use Other Sidewalk”, I take these things seriously and I follow them to the letter. I walk on designated paths, rarely deviating, wandering off, or (gasp) going…

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Vacation vs. Travel

Vacation vs. Travel | The Hesitant Adventurer

Let’s talk about “vacation” vs. “travel”. I remember working for a big company and only having 10 vacation days. 10 vacation days and no time off over the holidays. I remember those two weeks of vacation not going very far over the course of the year and it feeling like forever until I got a…

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Staying Present While Travelling

Staying Present While Traveling - The Hesitant Adventurer.

The Art of Being in the Moment It can be easy, whether travelling or not, to think ten steps ahead and not be grounded in the present moment. I am guilty of this all the time. Being fully present is nothing short of an art in my eyes, and it’s something I have to consistently…

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