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Travel Burnout and Other Lessons from a Year as a Nomad

Taking a photo out of the car window in Scotland.

It’s been over a year since I started my full-time digital nomad adventure. In that time, I’ve visited China, Thailand, Costa Rica, Panama, the United States, England, Scotland, Germany, and Austria. I’ve had experiences ranging from blissfull, unexpected, hilarious, to downright awful. Every emotion has been in the cards. Every new housesit or Airbnb has…

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How to Fight Homesickness As A Digital Nomad

Portrait of the hesitant adventurer in Costa Rica.

Let’s Talk Homesickness as a Digital Nomad It’s been about 7 months since Max and I left our house in Canada behind, donated the last of our household items, and set off as official digital nomads. Travelling full time is amazing and full of incredible experiences, anxiety threshold testing moments, learning opportunities and more. While…

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