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How NOT To Drive Through Tuscany

View of Siena from the Tower of Mangia

Vineyards, vistas, and pasta. If I say the words “Tuscan Roadtrip” your mind likely floods with images of rolling sun-bathed hills, welcoming vineyards, weathered stone buildings, generous portions of fresh pasta, and long dreamy rows of Cyprus trees. Tuscany is all that and more. It’s with good reason that this destination draws global adoration and…

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Vacation vs. Travel

Vacation vs. Travel | The Hesitant Adventurer

Let’s talk about “vacation” vs. “travel”. I remember working for a big company and only having 10 vacation days. 10 vacation days and no time off over the holidays. I remember those two weeks of vacation not going very far over the course of the year and it feeling like forever until I got a…

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