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What I Have Learned Coming Home After Months Abroad

Me standing in front of the royal palace in Mafra

Coming Home Is Amazing… In October of 2018, we dropped off the last of our charity donations, packed up personal items in our Golf, and left Kingston Ontario. A couple of days later we flew to Thailand as brand new digital nomads. Since then, our travels have taken us to China, Costa Rica, Panama, and…

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How to Fight Homesickness As A Digital Nomad

Portrait of the hesitant adventurer in Costa Rica.

Let’s Talk Homesickness as a Digital Nomad It’s been about 7 months since Max and I left our house in Canada behind, donated the last of our household items, and set off as official digital nomads. Travelling full time is amazing and full of incredible experiences, anxiety threshold testing moments, learning opportunities and more. While…

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Airport Hacks for the Anxious Traveller

View of airplane from Nai Yang beach in Thailand.

Airports aren’t the most fun in place in the world for anyone and even less enjoyable if you’re an anxious traveller, like me. I didn’t take my first plane trip until I was 22 years old and had only left the country once at that point to go state-side to New York City by bus.…

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Meet the Chill Little Town of Bucerias Mexico

The beautiful flower lines streets of Bucerias Mexico.

Tacos. Sand. Sun. Mexico is by far one of my favourite places to visit. The gorgeous weather, amazing beaches, friendly locals, and world-class food keep me coming back again and again. The small, colourful, and chilled out town of Bucerias Mexico, in Nayarit province, is perfect for the low key holiday of your dreams. Forget…

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Three Days in New York City

Central Park, New York City.

Our Short and Sweet trip to New York City 3 days in NYC is not a long time, but it is amazing what you can pack in. My husband and I have both been to New York City before separately. We decided to go to New York right after our wedding. This was our first…

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Vacation vs. Travel

Vacation vs. Travel | The Hesitant Adventurer

Let’s talk about “vacation” vs. “travel”. I remember working for a big company and only having 10 vacation days. 10 vacation days and no time off over the holidays. I remember those two weeks of vacation not going very far over the course of the year and it feeling like forever until I got a…

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Realities of Nomad Life in Thailand | The Hesitant Adventurer

Our First 48 hours in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

It’s all too easy on social media for everything to look perfect. Search the hashtag Thailand on Instagram and you’ll see post after post of gorgeous beaches, stunning hotels, and so on. Perfection. The first 48 hours of our trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand haven’t been the postcard you might be thinking. After a long and…

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