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The beautiful flower lines streets of Bucerias Mexico.

Meet the Chill Little Town of Bucerias Mexico

Tacos. Sand. Sun.

Mexico is by far one of my favourite places to visit. The gorgeous weather, amazing beaches, friendly locals, and world-class food keep me coming back again and again.

The small, colourful, and chilled out town of Bucerias Mexico, in Nayarit province, is perfect for the low key holiday of your dreams.

Forget crowds, put your phone away and just sleep, swim, eat, and stroll your way to some seriously deep calm.

I want to share my insider's guide on what you can expect from expect from Bucerias, advice on where to stay, and, most importantly, what to do/eat when you are there! Grab your flip flops and let's go!

Bucerias Mexico beach.
The beautiful flower lines streets of Bucerias Mexico.


Typically, we stay in a rental through Airbnb when visiting Bucerias, or anywhere for that matter. Full-time travel means being economical. Airbnb's allow us to save money on accommodation, but also mean we have access to a kitchen and can cook meals and make coffee at home. Savings on savings. Not to mention healthier too.

If hotels are more your scene there are hotels along the beach in Bucerias for you to choose from. There is only 1 resort in Bucerias, the Royal Decameron, and it’s not really our kind of vibe. I recommend searching on VRBO or Airbnb and you will find some lovely condos and villas to stay in.

What to Look For

We have found some gorgeous private villas in Bucerias in the past. We look for rentals with a nice pool a decent kitchen and living space. You may also want to ensure there is air conditioning for those muggy nights. Mexico can be quite hot, especially near the beach, so having AC at night is a treat.

We also look for a heated pool. We once stayed at a rental without a heated pool, thinking it wouldn’t really matter given that Mexico is so, well, HOT! Let me tell you, it absolutely does make a difference. The non-heated pool was so cold we could barely go in. Something to keep in mind when you are researching.

Do your research and pick a place that looks secluded and comfortable. You'll be all set for a relaxing and quiet time hidden away in sunny Mexico.

Beautiful brick ceiling of property on VRBO in Bucerias Mexico.
Pool at our VRBO rental in Bucerias Mexico.
Sunset on the beach in Bucerias.
Corona Beer in the sand of Bucerias Beach.
Bananas growing on the streets of Bucerias Mexico.

What to See

The town of Bucerias is quite small and quiet. There are lots of Canadian and American expats here, some who travel seasonally, others who live there, and some who run businesses in the town.

If you are looking for a slow pace, and a relaxing beach town vibe then Bucerias is the right spot for you. If you are after more of a nightlife and “buzz”, consider staying in Puerto Vallarta to the south. This city is much larger and has a more busy nightlife and younger crowd.

We are old souls, so we love to clam, chill atmosphere of Bucerias.

You will find a number of shops and vendors on your walk from the east end of the town to the central area, called Centro. You can walk along the beach, or through the streets to get from one end of town to the other. Centro is the major hub of Bucerias, with a church, a gazebo, waterfront sculptures, and countless restaurants. Bucerias is known for its artwork and artisan shops. There is no shortage of neat little boutiques to browse in.

Main street of Bucerias Mexico
Main street of Bucerias Mexico
Tacos from the central area of Bucerias, Mexico.
Pretty buildings along the main street of Bucerias, Mexico.
Beautiful flowers in Bucerias Mexico.
Fish tacos in Bucerias Mexico.

Where to Eat

There are so many amazing restaurants and vendors in Bucerias. Though the town is small, there is no shortage of places to try and patios to enjoy.

I am going to dedicate an entire post just to restaurants so stay tuned to my blog for that. Want to be sure you get it? Subscribe below!

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Where to Drink

There are places to eat and then there are places to drink. We love street food and are happy to grab a fresh fish taco from a vendor as we walk through the central town.

Now, when it comes to a cold beer and a view you must head to the beach for a cold one. Watch the sunset from a patio at least one night during your visit. It is so relaxing and there are always tourists and locals playing in the waves.

Karen’s Place

Karen’s Place is a lovely spot to relax and have a little toast to doing absolutely nothing all day (cheers to that)! The patio is literally on the beach, so you can sip on a drink and sink your feet into the sand.

La Negra

For a more young hangout spot visit La Negra. named after the owner’s dog, this chill bar features live entertainment, great food and beer, and a back patio garden that will take your breath away.

Armando's Place

Armondo's is a great little restaurant that had amazing homemade limeade, and they'll even spike it with tequila. This is a great spot to have a pre-evening out drink, or even stay for dinner. Their food and service are amazing.

Beach view at Karen's Place in Bucerias Mexico.
Beach view at Karen's Place in Bucerias Mexico.

Day Trips From Bucerias

The Marietas Islands

If you are looking to get out of the town and see a change of scenery, there are lots of affordable and fun places to visit nearby.

The Marietas Islands are off the coast of Mexico and make a lovely day trip from Bucerias. There are large catamaran tours that can be taken from town or smaller boat lines that will take you out. We hired a small fishing boat to take us out to the island to visit the hidden beach, snorkelling, whale watching, and fishing.

The Hidden beach is worth the trip, just make sure you go at low-tide or the cave entrance is difficult to navigate.

Puerta Vallarta, Sayulita, & Punta de Mita

Looking for some big city energy? Head south from Bucerias to Puerta Vallarta. You can take a bus there for next to nothing and it makes a great day trip. Walk along the water's edge and see the shops, patios, and vendors.

Looking for another cool town with a little bit more energy than Bucerias? Sayulita and Punta de Mita to the north of Bucerias are both amazing spots for a day trip. Sayulita, in particular, is a cool little surf town with lots of neat shops and places to eat.

Sunset on the beach in Bucerias, Mexico.
Walking on the beach in Bucerias Mexico.

Happy Travels

I hope you'll visit Bucerias and that you love this little hideaway as much as we do. Have specific questions about Bucerias, Mexico? Leave them in the comments below!