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Weekend Escape to The Frontenac.

Weekend Escape to The Frontenac

Who doesn't love a weekend getaway? And what better place to escape from your routine than a secluded cottage on a picturesque lake. Cottage trips aren't just for summertime. Cottage country in the winter is stunningly beautiful, calm, and free from the throngs of tourists summer brings.

The Frontenac is a luxurious cabin retreat tucked away in the winding backroads of Frontenac County, in the town of Godfrey. I spent a weekend at this cottage with 7 friends and had the most incredible time.

Here's what to expect from a winter trip to this stunning cottage.

The Frontenac curated cabin in Frontenac County

Location is Everything

We have a family cottage in Parry Sound, which is about 5+ hours from Kingston. Getting there and back, all while fighting against Toronto traffic makes it a long haul. By the time we get up there and factor in the trip home on Sunday, it feels like the weekend is gone before it has begun. You almost need a long weekend to make the long trip worth your while.

The Frontenac curated cabin, on the other hand, is in the perfect location. Forty minutes from Kingston and only a couple of hours from Ottawa or Toronto, this gorgeous retreat takes no time to get to and can easily be done after work. While it's centrally located it's not near the hustle and bustle of the city. You really feel tucked away and hidden at this cabin.

If you're in Ottawa or Kingston, forget Muskoka and head to the cottage country surrounding Kingston. It's more affordable, closer to home, and full of natural beauty and hidden gems.

View of the Frontenac from the lake via Drone.
Bedroom in The Frontenac, Frontenac County.

Cozy Interior

The Frontenac makes the perfect winter getaway for so many reasons. The spacious and cozy bedrooms, large kitchen for preparing comforting meals (or watching someone else prepare them in my case), and the ample lounge space for snuggling up and spending time with friends, make this retreat perfect for chilly weather getaways.

We had 8 people at this cottage and had a ton of space to spread out and lounge. Even the kitchen was large enough for multiple people to mill around and prepare food. The cottage felt huge, but not so big that it lost its cozy cottage vibes.

Main room in The Frontenac.
Living room in The Frontenac.
Bathroom in The Frontenac.

Outdoor Space

The Frontenac also has loads of outdoor space for hanging out, eating, and relaxing. Even though we visited in mid-December it was mild enough, and we are Canadian enough, that we sat outside, read, and had our tea in the hammocks.

We were chilly, but so freaking happy we didn't care. Hammocks, Hudson's Bay Blankets, toques, tea, and books. What more could you ask for on a December weekend?

There is also an excellent outdoor sauna which is perfect for warming up on a damp winter day.

Back porch of The Frontenac.
The Frontenac balcony.

Chock Full of Canadian Charm

The Frontenac is chock full of vintage items, curated details and Canadian charm that really set it apart.

From vintage lockers, library card drawers, typewriters, and more, the whole space had a vintage feel, but without being too cluttered.

The Hudson's Bay Blankets and Pendleton Iconic blankets draped on the beds and sofas added an extra touch of North American winter charm.

Throw pillows featuring the great lakes and Canadian wildlife also gave the cottage a Canadian touch.

If you're looking for a Canadian cabin with a lot of charm, The Frontenac is perfect.

Living room at The Frontenac.

Book It Now

I can't recommend this curated cabin enough. If you have a friend group, or a big family this cottage would make the perfect setting for a holiday or long weekend get together.

I know a couple of friends who have already booked this cottage for next year and honestly, I would love to book it myself!

To see the listing on Airbnb click here. I'm sure this spot will book up quick for next year so book soon!

I hope you like it as much as I did.

View of the Frontenac from the lake via Drone.